Girls keep secrets in the STRANGEST way. (HTK)

Girls keep secrets in the STRANGEST way.

Wasn't that fun? I thought it was... I pushed enter a bit too hard when I entered the headline. But I really think that you understood why I did it. You just had to know why girls are sostrangenowadays.

Anyway, I got myself into reading Breaking Dawn last night. The last Twilight book, you know... And then I realized why I - a long time ago - had loved Bella (you know that girl who is the friend of Jacob Black, and the mother of Renesmee). It's her spirit of hopelessness (nice word, there). She is so totally my new IDOL!

Another girl who is hopeless is a nanny called Maria. Played by Scarlett Johansson in the movie "The Nanny Diaries". That actually was really great!

Embla and I became (blood)fans of a skier on wednesday. His name is Andrew Young and he is from Scotland. We decided to cheer at him beacause he was from GBR. And guess what! HE WON!

First some info (look at that height!):
Here he passes a local skier.

Here he is trying to get to the finish line alive:

He could not understand why we wanted his autograph...

He kept saying "So many!"

Here he had some problems:


| _ __
|_| | |
|__| ANDREW ||

I'm sorry that I wrote this post in English, but I just had to.

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